Ebola testing begins at Atlanta airport

Our Kelly Yamanouchi, who covers air travel for the AJC, was at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport bright and early this morning.

5 a.m. to be precise, to greet the first flight from west Africa and talk to passengers about the new precautions airport officials have put in place to protect against the spread of Ebola. Read about it here.Ebola-CDC[1]

Meanwhile, there was a scare later in the morning regarding a passenger from Dallas who apparently vomited on a plane bound for Atlanta. We heard some alarming, unconfirmed reports initially but it turned out to be a simple case of air sickness, airport officials told us.

Our reporters are all over the Ebola story, given the strong connections to Atlanta: our busy airport hub, the CDC’s location here, Emory work to heal Ebola victims, and more. We will sort out the fact from fiction, rumor from reality. So keep up with us on ajc.com for the latest, and on myajc.com for deeper analysis of this global story.


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