New Taco Bell app lets you create burrito, pick it up at your leisure

Want to create your own burrito or gordita and don’t want to wait in line to order it?

Taco Bell’s has unveiled a new app that lets you create the monstrosity of your choice and pay for it on your smartphone.

iphoneTaco Bell says you don’t have to choose a pick-up time. The food will be hot and ready when you arrive thanks to GPS.

The customer chooses a restaurant and when he or she is within 500 feet of the location, the restaurant is alerted and sends a notification to the customer to find out if the customer is ready to check in. If so, a signal is sent to alert the kitchen to start preparing the order.

The app is available online at the Apple Store or Google Play.

According to, Taco Bell has a strong online following that it can target for the online ordering. Here’s Fastcompany’s review of the app: “The software is a far cry from other food ordering apps like GrubHub or Chipotle; Taco Bell’s app is what would happen if an Instagram filter fell in love with Seamless and had a baby.”

Are you ready to order your fast food online for pick-up when you’re ready for it?

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So now I have the option to choose what gives me the runs?  NICE!