Chick-fil-A celebrates friendship of Herman Russell, Truett Cathy

Both men were friends for more than 50 years.

Both were named last year as 2013 Georgia Trustees by the Georgia Historical Society.

russelladAnd both, commercial real estate icon Herman J. Russell and Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, left legacies of entrepreneurship and philanthropy after passing just two months apart this year.

Herman J. Russell lauded at public viewing

Chick-fil-A acknowledged Russell’s and Cathy’s friendship  and contributions on Friday with a full-page ad as the city prepared for Russell’s memorial service on Saturday.

Russell died Nov. 15 at age 83. Cathy died Sept. 8 at age 93.

H.J. Russell founder Herman J. Russell remembered

Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy remembered

A wake for Russell is set for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday at Ebenezer Baptist Church, 101 Jackson St., Atlanta. Speakers will include U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson. U.S. Rep. John Lewis, U.S. Rep. David Scott and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

A memorial service for Russell will be held Saturday at 11 a.m. at Saint Philip AME Church, 240 Candler Road SE, Atlanta. The eulogy will be delivered by lawyer, business executive and former Clinton administration adviser Vernon Jordan.

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Both Russell and Cathy were not only accomplished businessmen, but also noted philanthropists. In naming the two as 2013 Georgia Trustees, Georgia Historical Society President and Chief Executive Officer Todd Groce said, “Their leadership and selflessness have shaped the destiny of our state and nation.”

Chick-fil-A’s  ad in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday noted, “As iron sharpens iron, we know these men made each other aspire to do more, to achieve more, to give more.”

The ad ends with the familiar “fought the good fight” passage from Chapter 4 of the Apostle Paul’s second letter to Timothy.

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We need to highlight more positive examples like these two "men".


Just solidified Chick-Fil-A as my favorite fast food restaurant.  R.I.P. to both of them.

Hillbilly Keg
Hillbilly Keg

These two icons are a remarkable example of how truly GOD wanted us to live. Regardless of their political background, their legacy will be remember for what they built to contribute while lending a helping hand to our fellow man to make the world a better place to share and to live in.

Chick-fil-A, you have shown without mistakes, what a American dinner you really are and thanks for the beautiful ad. 

I'am truly inspired and may GOD bless both families. Thanks H.J. Russell for all you have done for our community and we will always love you.

May peace be with you all


Two great icons that blessed so many alive and leave a legacy of blessings behind through their offspring.  Loved both men.