Survey: You’re not in a gift-giving mood at work

Don’t expect much from your co-worker this holiday, according to a new survey on gift-giving.

giftThe “WorkSphere” survey conducted recently by Harris Poll for Spherion Staffing Services found 56 percent of workers surveyed don’t plan to give gifts to co-workers and 59 percent don’t plan to give them their bosses.

The reasons for not buying a gift vary. For 43 percent of those who aren’t giving a gift, the reason is they feel they would have to buy something for everyone. Others say they don’t know their colleagues well enough to extend a gift, while some said they don’t want to give the impression they are brown-nosing.

The survey questioned more than 873 U.S. adults employed full/part-time in November.

The good news is that more businesses are handing out bonuses this year, according to a Bank of America survey last month. The survey of small businesses found 52 percent plan to give their employees a holiday bonus, compared with 49 percent last year.

For those lucky colleagues on the receiving end of gift-giving, the Spherion survey found the average cost of gifts will be $67.

Among other findings in the Spherion survey:

* 59 percent of workers don’t care if they don’t get a gift.

* Nearly a fifth of workers won’t take any paid days off around the holidays.

* A third will lose at least two paid days off because they can’t take them before the end of the year.

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