Delta further defining perks with travel options

Delta Air Lines on Monday said it is totally redefining its flight offerings, giving customers five possible options, from no-frills travel for budget-conscious travelers, to first-class and long-haul service with a list of perks.

delta2Delta said the change, effective March 1, will allow customers to tailor their travel needs and further distinguish one level of ticketing from another.

The Atlanta-based carrier, however, is also facing more competition from low-cost carriers offering no-frills travel options, and it is seeking to level the playing field. Those competitors include Spirit, Frontier Airlines, Silver Airways, and Vision Airlines followed by People Express.

In a story last month on the Basic Economy option, first reported by AJC staffer Kelly Yamanouchi, a fare search between Atlanta and two Florida cities showed Basic Economy would save you about $20 from the next-lowest fare level, but Delta declined to give an average difference. (Here’s Kelly’s full report for subscribers}.

In addition to Basic Economy, Delta’s new ticketing options include Main Cabin, Delta Comfort, First Class and Delta One for long-haul flights. Amenities vary with each category. For example, while you won’t be able to pre-select a seat with Basic Economy and there are no refunds, but you will be able select seating when purchasing Main Cabin tickets and you have flexibility to change plans.

You’ll get complimentary non-alcoholic beverages with Main Cabin tickets, but you’ll get complementary beer, wine and spirits with Delta Comfort tickets. With First Class tickets, you’ll get pre-departure complimentary beverages and spirits, and complimentary meals on flights over 900 miles and padded seats (see the image abive). Long-haul international flights come with even more perks, such as full-flat bed seats.

There are also other features for each category, with access to Wi-Fi to varying degrees. (Here’s Delta’s full breakdown of the options)

“We’re providing Delta customers with a thoughtful, well-defined spectrum of options as they make decisions about travel,” Glen Hauenstein, executive vice president and chief revenue officer, said in a release unveiling the new options.

Just last week, Delta announced it is expanding its beverage line on some routes to include seven new craft beers.

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