You’re losing many hours dealing with auto recalls

How much of your precious time is consumed by dealing with auto recalls, which have numbered 52 million so far this year due to safety concerns?, a vehicle search engine, has released a study of the models that inconvenience owners the most when it comes to the average number of recalls and the hours lost taking a vehicle in and waiting for the repairs.

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Between Jan. 1 and Aug. of this year, the search engine analyzed about 10 million vehicles from the 2007 to 2013 model years. For the 35 vehicles studied, the analysis took into consideration the round-trip travel time to the dealer, the time spent completing the paperwork, including paperwork for rentals, and the actual repair time.

Check out this gallery that ranks the 15 top models that have had the highest average number of recalls and number of hours that consumers lost. See if your vehicle makes the list.

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