Valentine’s Day: Good news for last-minute shoppers, not-so-good for florists

Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, and that’s good news for all those romantics out there  who can use a whole off day to get something really special for their sweetie.

But it’s not the best thing for florists. Their business typically booms when Valentine’s is on a weekday. That’s when lovers, typically pressed for time at work or at home, tend to revert to that last-minute old reliable — flowers, particularly roses.

Last-minute romantics may not rely on florists to deliver their goodies this year.

Last-minute romantics may not rely on florists to deliver their goodies this year.

This year, it’s different. Now, the amorous have all of Saturday to think of something different and still go out and buy it. And it will also be a lot easier to go out on the town at night since most people don’t have to get up for work in the morning.

Others will even head out of town for a romantic getaway.

All that will likely help keep flower sales down a bit this year.

Jenny Scala of the Society of American Florists said that while it’s hard to accurately track sales on a single holiday, a recent survey of florists showed 58 percent expect a sales decrease because Valentine’s is on  a weekend.

Several years ago, another florists’ organization quizzed some members and found they expected sales to be off 10 to 20 percent.

Florists are responding as best they can. For one thing, they are offering incentives like free delivery or discounts for orders delivered prior to Saturday.

On Saturday, itself, deliveries are likely to be down compared to a Monday-Friday Valentine’s because all those  deliveries to the office won’t be taking place with everybody home.

So, is a Saturday Valentine’s Day affecting your gift-giving? Is it flowers again, or not?

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