Coca-Cola gives NBA’s LeBron James a makeover

Atlanta-based Coca-Cola has given “King James” a makeover.

LeBron James (Getty Images)

LeBron James (Getty Images)

More accurately, a Sprite brand created for NBA star LeBron James has been repackaged to add more pop to the pop, including a new name.

The previous limited-edition Sprite 6 Mix by LeBron James, introduced in March last year, is now Sprite LeBron’s Mix and it’s on store shelves. The mix refers to the combination of Sprite “with a splash of natural cherry and orange flavors,” the beverage company said.

Coca-Cola, which has had a business relationship with James since 2003, did not disclose the value of the James endorsement.

Sprite LeBron's Mix

Sprite LeBron’s Mix

The  Cleveland Cavaliers player ranks No. 2 on Forbes’ “World’s Most Powerful Celebrities” list with 2014 earnings of $72 million. Of that amount, $53 million came from endorsements. (Singer Beyonce led the list with $115 million). The basketball star also has lucrative deals with Nike, McDonald’s, Upper Deck and others.

In unveiling Sprite LeBron’s Mix this week, Coca-Cola quotes James as saying the flavor combination is “one of my personal favorites.” The red labeling features James’ initials in the background, in addition to a gold crown, which Coke says symbolizes the NBA star’s nickname: “King James.”

Coke has also changed the drink’s sizes. Sprite LeBron’s Mix is available in 16-ounce cans and 2-liter and 20-ounce bottles. Last year’s edition came in 20-ounce bottles and 19.2-ounce cans.

What drinks do you think fit the personalities of NBA stars or other sports stars?

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Tuna Meowt
Tuna Meowt

I don't care a whit about Mr. James, but I'm digging on the orange-cherry Sprite.  My wife likes it, too.