Gas prices low, but edging up

Ah, just when you were getting used to gas prices falling, suddenly the arrow is pointing the other way.

A combination of factors is nudging the price at the pump upwards again, according AAA. Nationally, the average is up two pennies, but it’s up seven cents in Florida and three in Tennessee.

How about Georgia? Just a penny, but still, the wrong direction, if you’re a driver.

Some of the increase is normal seasonal maintenance of the refineries, which cuts down on the supply of gas temporarily.

And some of the increase is more demand – that’s you, driving more, partly because gas has been cheaper and partly because more people have jobs to drive to.

But as bad news, it’s basically a tease, said Mark Jenkins, spokesman for AAA.

“For the first time in recent memory year-over-year discounts are below the $1 per gallon benchmark, largely because gas prices began falling this time last year,” he said.

“Consumers are saving 93 cents per gallon versus this same date last year,” he said. “Prices are still forecast to slip back toward $2 a gallon by the end of the year.”

The average price across the state is $2.16 a gallon, says AAA, but some stations are charging under two bucks a gallon.

Metro Atlanta’s average price for regular unleaded was still lower Tuesday than the national average ($2.54), and still lower than the average metro price a year ago ($3.72). (Getty Images)

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Just think that when we got hit for 20+ cents per gal. for supposed "summer blend" in the spring, well before summer was upon us and now way past summer and still getting that 20+ cpg price added.  Time for the cheaper blend now, then gas could be less than $2 per gal. Hello, it is mid October, stop jacking us drivers around. Gouging us overnight on increases then milking us by pennies as the price lowers.  All this regardless of the cost per gal. at the time the underground storage tanks were refilled.  Greed!