Five cool future ideas from Georgia Tech gathering on computers

Georgia Tech, where plenty of cool tech ideas are hatched, celebrated the 25th anniversary of its College of Computing with sessions on how computing power will change our world even more.

Here are just a few of the ideas I heard from people at the event:


  1. Clothing and social media devices that can sense and project our emotions. A cardigan that glows an angry red? It riffs on the idea that we’ll find new ways to wire up our brain to outside devices.
  2. Harnessing tiny microbes to build stuff, like new perfume fragrances.
  3. No more being color blind? A representative of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency talked about building immunities or fixes to genetic diseases and disorders.
  4. Predictive tools that can gauge which pregnant women are likely to develop postpartum depression, based on their social media postings.
  5. Communication devices that are able to help us think about what we are saying and writing. Imagine hearing a voice that says “Do you really want to text that? It sounds kind of catty.”

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Note how all the designs and inventions are the whites working at this, and all the crimes and robbings on campus are by blacks.