Isakson Living moving ahead with Peachtree Hills project

Real estate firm Isakson Living is moving forward with long-stalled development of a prime parcel in the Peachtree Hills neighborhood of Atlanta.

The company said in a news release this week it will restart development of the first phase of the Peachtree Hills Place project, which will include 84 condominiums and eight single-family residences in the coming months. The project in its entirety includes 192 condos and 12 single-family homes. 

“Since 2009, no new housing options have been developed in this area that include the amenities, services and continuum of care that we will offer at Peachtree Hills Place,” Andy Isakson, Managing Partner of Isakson Living. “We are excited to be moving forward with the project and appreciate the long-standing positive support of the surrounding neighborhood and of future residents.”

Isakson Living announced the project, which will have senior living amenities, in 2006 and started presales. The company said in a news release it had more than 150 presales before the recession hit, which halted plans to move forward. 

Isakson Living said the project will feature amenities including a clubhouse, dining and a fitness center. 


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Given the views on illegal immigration by Isakson's brother, I wonder whether Isakson Living works with contractors who hire undocumented or "dubiously" documented workers. I'm sure this will be revealed once construction begins in my neighborhood.

Prospective buyers should ask whether these homes will be built by undocumented workers vs USA citizens. 

Other than voting, boycotting employers who engage in the practice of employing illegal immigrants is another way to effect change. 

Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd

How will the adjoining streets be altered to handle the increased activity.