Again? Fresh push on for Georgia $15-an-hour minimum wage

November 10, 2015 Atlanta: April Robertson joins in a protest in front of Atlanta City Hall on Tuesday evening November 10, 2015 to demand a $15 minimum wage. About 200 people showed up for the protest. Ben Gray /

Georgia legislators of the Democratic persuasion say they will again push to raise the state’s minimum wage to as much as $15-an-hour.

Such efforts haven’t gone well in the past in the Republican-controlled General Assembly, which cranks up again in January.

But State Senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta), who pushed a minimum wage bill last session and spoke at a recent “Fight for $15” rally outside Atlanta City Hall, said he will submit legislation again in the coming months.

Georgia is somewhat unusual in that the state’s minimum wage — $5.15 an hour — is actually lower than the $7.25-an-hour federal one, which takes precedence in most situations.

But the prime target for Georgia advocates of $15-an-hour may not be the state’s lawmakers. Find out what that means for consumers and workers, in the latest Unofficial Business column on

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I'm curious which of these Democrat politicians are paying their hourly help $15 an hour?