Atlanta workers together for Thanksgiving


The metro Atlanta workplace is apparently a bit friendlier than in most of the country – at least when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving.

Slightly more than one-in-four respondents to a national survey — about 27 percent – said they would celebrate the holiday with co-workers, according to Harris Poll, which carried out the research for CareerBuilder, Chicago-based maker of software for human resources.

The average nationwide was 20 percent, CareerBuilder said.

Turkey 2

If the results are to be believed, the home-iest workplaces in the country are in Houston: 41 percent of those respondents told Harris they would celebrated with co-workers.

Perhaps there is something to stereotypes about the sociable South: After Houston, the highest shares of co-worker celebration were in Dallas (31 percent), Miami (29 percent), and Atlanta.

Los Angeles seems to display a combination of southern climate and northern charm: 20 percent of those surveyed said they’d celebrate with co-corkers.

Northern cities take up the rear, CareerBuilder said:

— New York: 15 percent

— Boston: 14 percent

— Chicago: 13 percent

— Philadelphia: 12 percent

— Washington DC: 11 percent

By age, workers between 28 and 34 years old were most likely to say they’d celebrate with co-workers.

By ethnicity and race, African-American and Latino workers tied as most likely to spend Thanksgiving with co-workers.

Of course, not everyone has a choice: 22 percent of workers said they have to work on Thanksgiving.


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