Yeti cup craze: Last-minute gift rush has some people befuddled

You may have heard shoppers are getting a bit delirious over an oddly named $40 cup as a gift this holiday season. It’s led to shortages in stores in Atlanta and across the nation. And confused looks from people who don’t quite get it.

The hoopla is over the 30- and 20-ounce varieties of the steel-sided insulated Yeti Rambler.

Store clerks tell me they get in a load of hundreds of the Yeti cups, only to see them evaporate off shelves within a couple hours. Bass Pro Shops, with 78 main outdoor stores nationally, said customers who order the cups online will have to wait at least a month to get them delivered.

Some managers tell me customers come in not exactly sure what the cups are, but knowing someone on their lists wants one.

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