Atlanta in the middle when it comes to sin (would the data lie?)

Not quite sure how to take this, but Atlanta is “neither sin city nor saintly sanctuary,” according to an alliterative, tongue-in-cheek, yet data-driven report from a national research firm.

The city area may have been traditionally viewed by many of its critics as a host to moral indiscretion, but the numbers say that when it comes to the Seven Deadly Sins, Atlanta ranks somewhere in the milquetoast middle.

Of the nation’s largest 150 metro areas, Atlanta is 77th when it comes to sin, according to San Francisco-based Tulia.

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That assessment – for better or worse or both – came this morning from Tulia, which timed its release to be exactly a week before the arrival of Fat Tuesday – Mardi Gras, that is.

Sin by sin, here are the indicators and data that Trulia used to calculate the rankings and how Atlanta fared:

  • Lust, based on the number of “adult entertainment venues.”

Atlanta’s rank: 31.

  • Gluttony, based on the rates of obesity, drinking and smoking.

Atlanta’s rank: 127.

  • Greed, based on the ratio of racing and gambling establishments versus charitable donations.

Atlanta’s rank: 109.

  • Sloth, based on the number of residents who haven’t exercised in 30 days

Atlanta’s rank: 113.

  • Wrath, based on the numbers of violent crimes per capita.

Atlanta’s rank: 52.

  • Pride, based on the number of beauty salons, tanning salons and plastic surgery offices.

Atlanta’s rank: 37.

  • Envy: Inequality as measured by home listing prices

Atlanta’s rank: 44.

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Among the top 10 – or bottom, depending on how you look at it – there were four Southern metros. San Antonio at number nine, Shreveport at seven and Tampa at three.

And of course, a Southern city in a region all its own was the top sinnin’ winner. Yes, appropriately enough, the number one city for the Seven Deadly Sins is New Orleans.

“With nearly three times the national rate of adult entertainment establishments and twice the number gambling establishments per household, it scores highly in lust and greed,” Trulia’s report concluded.

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