Atlanta public housing to get Google Fiber

Google Fiber, the high-speed Internet and TV service currently in development in metro Atlanta, announced Wednesday that it will offer its 1-gigabit broadband to public housing in the cities it serves for free.

The roll out is part of a partnership the service struck last year with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the White House to accelerate Internet adoption by families with school-age children in public housing.

Google plans to bring the service to all its growing list of Google Fiber cities, including Atlanta. The company said it will work with the Atlanta Housing Authority to identify public housing units that can be connected.

One-gigabit speeds allows a customer to download a two-hour high definition movie in 12 seconds or a 30 -minute TV show in as little as two seconds.

Google Fiber workers installing fiber optic lines for 1-gigabit broadband.

Google Fiber workers installing fiber optic lines for 1-gigabit broadband.

Google is in the construction phase of its 1-gigabit service planned for several communities in metro Atlanta, including Midtown, Sandy Springs, College Park and Avondale Estates. The company declined to say when the service will be up and running.


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Why go to the housing projects (sic) with google fiber...If there are any housing projects left the residents will not be able to use Google Fiber because the lack of computers in their homes. A better idea would be to wire the local libraries where computers and WI-FI hot-spots are already in place.

Also maybe there could be some kind of partnership with the local schools to enable Google Fiber through WI-FI service there.