Coca-Cola ties in Marvel Universe in Super Bowl ad

Coca-Cola, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man?

Somehow the trio are related in the advertising minds over on North Avenue.

The Atlanta beverage giant this week teased its Super Bowl 2016 ad with mini-cans featuring members of Marvel’s “The Avengers,” including Black Widow, Captain America, Ant-Man and The Falcon.

In the “Coke red” box holding the cans was a card: “The Big Game is just the beginning. Follow @Coca-Cola to watch the story unfold …”

Coca-Cola mini-cans featuring members of Marvel Universe.

Coca-Cola mini-cans featuring members of Marvel Universe.

Spokeswoman Lauren Thompson was mum on what it all means. What she would say is that Coke is running a second quarter 60-second ad that has a Marvel tie-in.

But what that will look like we’ll will have to wait until Sunday to find out.

“We are debuting in game,” she said.

Super Bowl ads are running about $5 million this year and many have debuted online so Coke is hoping to create a little bit of mystery.

Fellow hometown business SunTrust also is advertising during the nation’s most-watched event. It’s the first time the bank has had a national ad during the game, though it has run local spots in the past.

Coca-Cola’s most recent ads, “It’s Beautiful” and “Make It Happy,” have also remained secret until they debuted during the game.


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