Coke mini cans make advertising debut in Super Bowl

Coca-Cola, which health advocates have accused of greatly contributing to the nation’s obesity epidemic, featured its mini-cans for the first time in a Coke commercial during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The Atlanta-based giant’s 60-second “Coke Mini” featured Marvel comic’s Incredible Hulk in hot pursuit of Ant-Man, who takes the last Coke mini from the lab of Dr. Bruce Banner, Hulk’s alter ego.

The ad ranked No. 19 on USA Today’s Ad Meter, putting it well into the top half of the 63 commercials that ran during the event. (Fellow Atlanta giant SunTrust’s “Hold Your Breath” ranked No. 53 in its first Super Bowl outing.)

Coca-Cola mini-cans featuring members of Marvel Universe.

Coca-Cola mini-cans featuring members of Marvel Universe.

Incredible Hulk gulps mini-Coke in Super Bowl ad.

“We wanted to use the Big Game stage to celebrate our smallest package, which is key to our 2016 business strategy and a pack size people love,” Andy McMillin, senior vice president for Coca-Cola North America’s Coca-Cola Trademark unit, said on the Coke’s Journey’s page.

The beverage giant has seen volume struggle on its highly profitable soda lines as more consumers eschew sugary drinks for water, tea and sports drink. But sales of mini-cans have been a bright spot as consumers seem more willing to seek the smaller packaging.



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