Top five housing locations, according to RE/MAX

If real estate is always about location, then Re/Max thinks it has ranked the places to watch – or buy – in 2016.

The housing recovery has been notoriously uneven, with prices rising much more quickly in some neighborhoods – especially those with high-performing schools.

Many experts are saying now that the pace of increases overall is slowing and likely to decelerate more as the year goes on.

Owners of homes at the low end are regaining a larger share of the equity they lost, which left them seriously underwater on their mortgages, meaning they owed way more than their home was worth.

But with an analysis of sales and price data, combined with a look at the course of area business development, it’s possible to select a top five, according to Jeanette Schneider, senior vice president for Re/Max of Georgia.

Number 5: Snellville – The area is seeing transit and infrastructure improvements, in addition to new commercial developments are planned and under construction. Both home prices and sales are increasing, Re/Max says: The median sales price in 2014 was $140,000. In 2015, the median sales price was more than $150,000.

Number 4: Lawrenceville – In 2014, 2,462 homes were sold here. Last year, there were 2,922 sales. Re/Max is especially impressed by “affordability, parks and highly-ranked schools.”

Number 3: Decatur – The median sales price was $160,000 in 2014 and about $180,000 last year.

Number 2: Alpharetta – In 2014, the median price was about $340,000. Last year it rose to $370,000. Re/Max of Georgia really likes “the recent rise in mixed-used developments, including Avalon.”

And checking in at Number 1:

Johns Creek – “the community to watch in 2016,” Re/Max said. “Johns Creek is one of the most sought-after cities right now in metro Atlanta due to the quality of life offered, including recreation opportunities, parks, excellent schools, shopping and employment opportunities.”

In 2014, there were 551 homes sold in Johns’ Creek. Last year, there were more than 620 sales.


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I don't get Johns Creek?  There is no interstate to get to Johns Creek, all the houses are the same and there is nothing but strip malls?  I know the schools are really good.