Metro Atlanta apartment rents up this year, not as much as last

Apt. 4In the eternal battle between renting and owning, January might have seen a modest retreat by the pro-rent forces of renting – but a smaller step back than a year ago.

There’s been an increase in average rents for metro Atlanta – a boost that would come to 6.5 percent over the course of a year, according to Axiometrics, a Dallas-based firm that specializes in apartment research and data.

Yet the trajectory may actually have flattened a little: A year ago, rents in metro Atlanta were rising at an 8.1 percent-a-year pace.

At the time, that was the highest rate for Atlanta in at least the past seven years.

Atlanta’s rent growth was the 13th highest among the top 50 markets, Axiometrics said. Nationally, rents averaged a 4.3 percent increase.

Renters in metro Atlanta paid an average of $1,048 for January, said Axiometrics. That is $64 more than they paid in January 2015.

Different researchers differ somewhat on the statistics. But with so many people – especially young adults – renting rather than buying, there’s always a hunt for good value in apartments.

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