Coke’s smartwater, ice dew hit billion dollar annual sales

Smartwater and Chinese brand Ice Dew have joined Coca-Cola’s list of billion-dollar products.

The Atlanta beverage giant said both brands hit 1 billion in annual retail sales in 2015, maintaining the company’s billion-dollar product line up at 20.

“Ice Dew and smartwater’s climb to join our list of billion-dollar brands is a good indicator of even more growth ahead in the water/water ‘plus’ category,” John Hackett, Coke’s senior vice president for stills and juice said.

Coke had earlier hit the 20 billion-dollar brand mark, but two popular drinks in Japan, I LOHAS and Ayataka, fell off the list last year because of the strength of the U.S. dollar versus the yen.

“Both brands continue to grow locally, but since The Coca-Cola Company converts all sales globally from local currency to U.S. dollars for the purpose of compiling this list, these two brands’ annual retail sales no longer surpass $1 billion given the yen’s decline in value,” the company said.

Smartwater was added to Coke’s line up in 2007 after the company acquired Vitaminwater maker Glaceau that year for $4.1 billion.


Ice Dew was launched in mainland China in 2001.

Ice Dew

Other billion dollar beverages in Coke’s portfolio include regular Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Minute Maid, Vitaminwater and Dasani.


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