HVAC giant Coolray goes national with partnership

Atlanta-based Coolray heating and air conditioning and its sister brand Mr. Plumber brand are joining forces with three other HVAC giants to form The Wrench Group, a national home services company.

Coolray will pair with plumbing and HVAC companies Berkeys in Dallas, Abacus in Houston and Parker and Sons in Phoenix to create the new company, which combined had more than $150 million in sales in 2015, according to Coolray.


The goal of the combined group is to improve leverage in acquiring competitors in major metro markets while at the same time increasing the Wrench Group’s market share in areas where the firm already operates.

“This move will allow us to take the lessons learned by the best home services companies in the nation and expand our footprint and revenue to new metropolitan cities where we see great opportunity,” Coolray CEO Ken Haines in a release.

Coolray said each of the companies under the Wrench Group umbrella holds a significant market share in their home areas and all are rapidly expanding.

Haines said the changes will not be felt by consumers, who can expect the same type of service.

“Great local companies are made of great leaders and great employees,” said Haines. “Keeping local branding intact, we remain focused on providing the best service to our customers, ensuring the same focus on fast, expert service, backed by leading edge warranties and guarantees across our well known Atlanta brands, including Coolray, Mr. Plumber and BriteBox.”

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