Even the elevators will be high-tech in Tech Square’s second phase

Later this month, Georgia Tech and Portman will break ground on the second phase of Technology Square in Midtown Atlanta, easily one of the most anticipated real estate projects in the city in years.


Technology Square

The High Performance Computing Center, also known as Phase II of Georgia Tech’s popular Technology Square development. Source: Portman and Georgia Tech

Known as the High Performance Computing Center, the complex at Spring and Fourth streets will have some of the most sophisticated computing capacities in the nation. It’s also slated to be home to corporate innovation centers, where where tech companies will collaborate with the faculty, staff and students of the revered research institution.

But the whiz-bang technology in the tower doesn’t end there. It’ll also have some pretty unique elevators.

On Friday, ThyssenKrupp, the German lift company, said the Midtown tower will be the first building in the Americas with its TWIN elevator system, featuring two cars on most elevator shafts.

Here’s some information on how the system works, and check out the animation below (source: ThyssenKrupp).twin_action_threepart

The computer controlled system increases elevator capacity and makes for fewer stops, the company said. (The computers also make sure the cars don’t run into each other in the shaft.)

Technology Square

A map of Technology Square

As a result, the company says, the dual-car system decreases the number of elevators shafts needed in the building, opening up space for more workers or needed climate control or technology infrastructure.

Thyssenkrupp was in the vanguard in metro Atlanta, becoming one of the first major companies to establish an innovation center at Georgia Tech. Now the company’s most sophisticated elevator systems will be featured in Tech’s newest building.

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The ground-breaking ceremony is scheduled for April 20.

Technology Square

Rendering of the High Performance Computing Center. Source: Portman and Georgia Tech

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@FitzTrubey That poor Crum & Forster building tho...shame. Not a preservation win, just knock the rest down.


@FitzTrubey Is it me or did the architects try real hard to minimize that component?


@ATKII It's a $300 million, 1 million SF or so project. Hard for it not to dwarf the old brick building.