Coke updates can design with “One Brand” philosophy

Coca-Cola is testing the waters of a packaging redesign of its flagship brands such as regular Coke and Coke Zero with the rollout of a new look in Mexico.

The Atlanta-based beverage giant has taken the wraps off a new “One Brand” design for cans that puts Coca-Cola’s “classic red dot” in the middle packaging for regular Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke and the stevia-sweetened Coca-Cola Life.

But it’s not expected to make its way until North America — the company’s biggest region in sales terms — until sometime in the future.


Coke said it could not fit in new packaging this year because of marketing and promotions that have already been set for the year, though the company is exploring a variety of “One Brand” packaging graphics here.

“Packaging is our most visible and valuable assets,” Chief Marketing Officer Marcos de Quinto said in announcing the “One Brand” rollout early Tuesday.

The idea is to unite the visual identity of the different products in Coca-Cola’s soft drink line up and make it easier for consumers to differentiate between full-caloried drinks with those with no calories or no caffeine, Quinto said.

The different products will be easier to spot by their background colors — black for Coke Zero, silver for Coca-Cola Light or Diet Coke, and green for Coca-Cola life. The new cans will roll out in May and in additional countries throughout the rest of the year and into 2017, though Coke did not name the countries.

The company, which will release its first quarter earnings on Wednesday, has already made changes to some packaging in its line up.

In January, Diet Coke teamed up with computer giant HP to create the “It’s Mine” program that put an explosion of colors, geometric designs and graphics on millions of Diet Coke cans and bottles. The new Diet Coke designs hit stores Feb. 1.

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COKE, go back to the very original design.  Maybe that will help in recalling a more peaceful era in our lives.